WAKE UP! If Americans only knew the history, concerning ancient times and modern times. Can a plague or a virus be used for the purposes of redemption?

How were the Hebrews delivered out of Egypt? … by a plague. “The scriptures record the coming of plagues as judgments against evil and the pride of man, to shake kingdoms, to cast down false gods and idols, to wake up the sleeping, to call back the lost and fallen, and to turn back nations to God”. ( Quote from Harbinger 2, Jonatan Cahn, pgs 214- 215.

God can use a plague or a virus for redemption. Turns out some Americans have consumed the blessings of God, and are now consumed by idolatry and selfishness, many are hateful and war-mongers, self-absorbed, “get things my way, whatever the cost, and if you get in my way I will just cancel your agendas.” Look at our government, a complete den of thieves, scoundrels, and devils.

We must ask ourselves, could this be what is happening now through the Covid virus? “That which has come upon the world has certainly shown ‘how quickly the certainties of life and the foundations on which a society stands can be shaken and removed.’ And sometimes they must be … so that we might find the one certainty and the one foundation that cannot be shaken or removed — that we might find God.” Quote, J.Cahn The Harbinger 2, pg – 215.

So what is unique about this generation, What needs to be judged? …This generation has massively turned away from God. Our government, our culture, is constantly trying to find ways to overturn the ways of God.

What is this specific sin? “It is the shedding of blood.” In ancient times the shedding of blood must be answered by the shedding of more blood. Abraham Lincoln said, ” The blood drawn in slavery would be answered by the blood drawn in war.”

What sin is this world and this generation guilty of ? Abortion — The slaughter of the most innocent … unborn children.

Egypt murdered thousands of Hebrew children in the Nile. The kingdom of Judah to which Jeremiah prophesied sacrificed thousands of its children in The Valley of Tophet. how many children do you suppose have been killed by our civilization? … NOT THOUSANDS, NOT TENS OF THOUSANDS, NOT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, BUT MILLIONS, Over 60 million! … Can we say that a civilization such as Nazi Germany should be brought to justice for the holocaust? .. then what do we say of a civilization that has committed the equivalent of 10 holocaust’s, how much blood cries out from that?

Finally, tears should be falling from our faces, as we lie face down before the Lord in repentance, ( If not personally at least nationally ) begging for forgiveness and healing in this land. How many children do you think have been killed by the nations of this age? …OVER ONE BILLION CHILDREN! YES, many of us just don’t care, the situation is not immediate or close enough for us to even whisper Hmmm?… We are pathetic, in many ways. Please reference J. Cahn, The Harbinger 2 for more information. Frankie The Earthman.

We have a lot to lose, WAKE UP!


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