Are you sick and tired of this world system of politics, spiritual Godless depravity, up side down economics, and the division being spread by the great UNITER, Joe Biden? The laughing stock that is both political parties, especially all THE NUT JOB COMMUNISTS / JIHADISTS OF THE EXTREME LEFT PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (clearing my throat) I mean Regressive Democratic Party, These sick politicians that do not understand without a secure Southern Border, we have no secure country.

So my answer will be for me to get a lobotomy, then will I not only be able to communicate with our indoctrinated lost ” youth“; I will also be unaware of the idiocy, the likes of “Chuck Schroomer”, “Nanschki Pelostme” and the “ever rearing her ugly head”, Hillary Cliton.

Since being a dim dumbass seems to be the new cultural norm, my lobotomy will help me be a most valuable contributor to ” This Wonderful Life. Frankie The Earthman.

Home sweet home

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