There are some in America that believe if America does not tolerate it’s own demise or overthrow at the hands of Marxist ideologues and movements, it cannot be said to be truly tolerant. Reference pgs 84 – 85 of AMERICAN MARXISM: Mark R. Levin, quoting Herbert Marcuse.

Therefore, Marcuse insists that society is not truly tolerant if it does not sow the seeds of its own demise by Marxist revolutionaries. Digest that for awhile.

My comments: Think about the above statement , and how sick and twisted it is, yet many in America believe this. This is how far down the toilet our educational system and the Communist / Marxist indoctrination efforts have developed and warped so many.

Friends, why do we wonder what happened and is continuing to grow like a Cancer in our Government, Churches, Military, Social Media, and society at large? WAKE UP! Frankie The Earthman.

America “The Beautiful” is fading. We have seen the enemy, and he is us.

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