Since we find ourselves living in a * “post-modern era” * no or very few ‘absolute truths’ are acknowledged, believed, or even sought after; I hope this lesson will assist readers in changing the direction of their lives.

We know what it means to live vicariously through others. Parents do this through the successes and often times failures of their friends and children.

We must not pressure our children to do well, so we can “enjoy or live through it.” I believe to pressure so is pure evil.

The only one that can handle this pressure is Jesus. Part of His mission was to come into this world and deal with the pressure. Our hopes, dreams, and independence should be in/on Him.

The truth is, we need to live vicariously through Him, or we will not experience ‘life’ itself, because He is our life. We must learn not to look at Him as only a substitute for us. It can be accurate to say, “*He is in us and we in Him.” If we believe on Him.

We must be united to Him by His spirit, Then we can live a vicarious life through Him. He has given us victory over death. We must claim it. We have an inheritance in Him. We must learn to let Him live through us. Jesus is the firstborn of the dead.

A new age, a new creation is upon us. As everything, and all we have known and taken for granted in this life falls apart and crumbles, hold your head up, for your redemption is near. All the evil we are experiencing is prophesied, but it only leads to a new day, a new age, a new hope. Copyright, Frankie The Earthman.

Life can be good.

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