An excerpt and important message for us all.

Reference Mark R. Levin’s book AMERICAN MARXISM. Pgs 97-98.

Walker was a legend in the civil rights movement of the sixties.( prominent CRT critic and friend of MLk ) He was a friend of Steve Klinsky, collaborating with Klinsky about “the school choice movement.”

Klinsky wrote that Walker was King’s “field general” in the organized resistance against notorious Birmingham safety commissioner ‘Bull’ Connor. Walker compiled and named Kings ‘The letter from Birmingham jail.” He was with King for the march on Washington that produced the ‘I have a dream’ speech, and in Oslo for the Nobel Peace Prize. Walker emphatically rejected CRT.

In 2015 Klinsky and Walker co authored an essay in which they wrote in part: “Today, too many ‘remedies’ such as Critical Race Theory, the increasingly fashionable post -Marxist / post modernist approach that analyzes society as institutional group power structures rather than on a spiritual or one – to – one human level — are taking us in the wrong direction, separating even elementary school children into explicit racial groups, and emphasizing differences instead of similarities.”

Having looked at the previous paragraphs, here is where we need to go: ” The answer is to go deeper than race, deeper than wealth, deeper than ethnic identity, deeper than gender, they explained. ” To teach ourselves to comprehend each person, not as a symbol of a group, but as a unique and special individual within a common context of shared humanity. To go to that fundamental place where we are all simply mortal creatures, seeking to create order, beauty, family and connection to the world — on its own — seems to bend too often towards randomness and entropy.”

I highly recommend Mark Levin’s book, AMERICAN MARXISM. His book reveals a lot of what has happened and yet to fall upon America. Americans in general need to remember our founding as a country. Frankie The Earthman.

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