Reference: 1 Corinthians … Read versus 1 – 52. Upon completion pick this study up here at verse 53.

Remember, this study is based on a presupposition, that God cannot lie, His word is true, and we as mere mortals must rise to God’s promises.

1 Corinthians vs 53: For this corruptible must put on in corruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.

Understand, our bodies are corruptible ( death) the body must be raised to incorruption. ( Flesh, Blood & bone cannot enter the kingdom of God) Mortals must be raised to immortality.

Here is wisdom: When a human dies, if he / she has believed in Christ, he/ she goes to Abrahams Bosom, ( the saved side of paradise, having achieved immortality through Christ) See Lazarus (Luke 16) if they die without having received/ believed in Christ, they go to the wrong side of ‘paradise'( see the rich man, he still had a metal soul) to wait for the Great White Throne Judgement to come at the end of the 1000 year reign of Christ, known as the Millennium. The Millennium follows the conclusion of the coming tribulation of Daniel. ( Daniel’s 70th week)

So … A person can die and still have a mortal soul having not received Christ he receives a resurrected body but will not enter the kingdom of God, God will deal with him or her at the great white throne judgment as mentioned above. Study Corinthians 1 chapter 15 in its entirety if you want wisdom if you don’t, sleep on sweet Charlotte. Frankie The Earthman.

Peaceful sleep can be attained.

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