I had misplaced some important notes. Clarification on these four words ( corruptible, incorruptible, mortal, & immortal) should help understand my last post about death.

When we die, our ( corruptible, body of flesh, that will die & return to dust) must put on the incorruptible, (* a spiritual body) *this body can never die unless God judges it to condemnation.

Our *mortal soul, (*liable to die) must put on the *immortal, ( never ending, unceasing life, forever.

When one dies in Christ, their spirit goes to Abrahams bosom in paradise. The unbeliever goes to the wrong ( prison side of paradise to await judgement)

Understand, there are two judgments after death, One is called the “Bema Judgment Seat of Christ” where a believer is judged for his works done after becoming a believer… ( salvation is not the issue at this judgment) the 2nd is the Great White Throne judgment, this is for unbelievers, we do not want to be part of the Great White Throne judgment ( it’s the second death) it spells the end for unbelievers, an eternity without God. Reference 1 Corinthians 15 in its entirety, specific to the four words mentioned, 1 Cor vs 53 and on.

A boy and his dog…gifts from God…

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