We need to reflect and look back in order to see the future possibilities.” Frankie The Earthman.

Behind any phenomenon,” said a prophet, there is a multitude of causes, reasons, and purposes. And behind a solitary event, one can find causes both natural and transcendent, coexisting and acting in unison, occupying the space and moment.

Why are there diseases? Because we live in a fallen world, a world of sin and evil, decay and destruction, wars, plagues, and disasters. Evil happens, and calamities happen. And yet the fact that behind any given event are natural causes, does not negate the fact that there are also transcendent and supernatural causes, or the fact that any event of evil may have redemptive purposes. The one does not nullify the other.

Fast forward: Was the global pandemic a judgment from God? Answer: If it was a judgment there would have to be something being judged. The plague has touched the entire world. So is there anything unique about this generation, the modern world, as touching judgment? There is. No generation has so turned away from God or so massively overturned his ways as this one. But is there any ‘specific’ sin or act that could call for such judgment? I can think of many. “There are many” he said, but there is one that especially calls it forth.” “Which?” “The shedding of blood.” he replied, “It is an ancient law that evil must be answered in kind and the taking of human life by the taking of human life.”

So, What is the sin that this world and generation are guilty of ? A sin involving the shedding of blood and the taking of human life? ANSWER: “The slaughter of the innocent, abortion. For more fantastic revelation reading refer to Jonathan Cahn’s THE HARBINGER 2. PGS. 216-218 and onward.

Food for thought: What nation commits more abortions than any other? CHINA. ( Where did Covid-19 originate?) What city in America committed/commits more abortions than any other in America? New York City. ( How many Covid deaths occurred in New York City? Read Jeremiah 19 for a revelation that will blow your mind. This introduction should lead you down a revelation path, you will have to study for yourself, for this revelation to be of any value. Frankie The Earthman. ” The overturning of Roe vs Wade is critical for America to climb out of the spiritual hole it has been in since 1973 and before.” Frankie.

Be still and know there is a God.

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