The following is direct from J. Cahn’s book, THE MYSTERY OF THE SHEMITAH, it is given, as it is like looking at today’s current events, like reading today’s headlines…Reference pg 39. And if you dare, read the entire book. It is very important.

Israel’s rejection of the *Shemitah, * (Israel and Americas covenant with God) set in motion a series of far reaching consequences and repercussions. If God is not sovereign over the land and its people, then the land and its people become cut off from the creator. A God – centered worldview is replaced by a man – centered and self- centered worldview. So the people of Israel / America drove God out of their lives to become their own gods, masters of the land, (‘Democratic radical left’, added by Frankie) their world, and their destiny. They could now rewrite the law and redefine what was right and wrong, moral and immoral. Without God nothing would be holy, or for that matter, unholy. Nothing had any purpose except the purpose they now assigned it. And with no true purpose, they could do whatever they wanted not only with their land but also with their lives, with each other, and with their children. Thus they lifted up their children as sacrifices only on the alters of foreign gods. It was for this last transgression that the judgment finally fell. It began with the breaking of the Shemitah and ended in the offering of their sons and daughters in the fires of Baal and Molech, the sin that would bring about the nation’s destruction.

Does any of this sound familiar my friends? We must wake up and look at history and see with spiritual eyes. It is alarming for me to say that the worst is not over but is yet to come, in the form of the “Tribulation Period.”

We must ask ourselves “why was Donald Trump so hated?” I believe it was in large part because he was trying to hold on to America’s Nationalism, our freedom to make decisions for ourselves, and not be dependent on NATO or any other organization. It is my personal opinion that the United States and Israel are the true last two mighty bastions of freedom, this is why the two are under attack, constant attack; because we refuse to give in to GLOBALISM, THE DEEP STATE, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, we will see how it all pans out… Frankie The Earthnan.

Simple things are the real happiness, God will show you…

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