A look back and a deeper understanding. Looking back helps us to see a clearer future.

Believe it or not, America was founded for the purposes and glory of God; to be a light to the world, the city on the hill. It all began here. J. Cahn, pg 257– Harbinger 2.

It all came from these shores. And this was the first embodiment of that calling and vision. The problem is America turned away from its calling, turned away from God’s purposes, and ultimately against them.

Then the shaking began, the signs, the harbingers. So we are asking where did it all begin? Where was / is the origination of 9/11?

9/11 originated in the city on the hill. The prophet said, ” The first planes took flight from Boston.” The shaking came from the city on the hill.

“Remember the principle: In the days of judgment, the nation is brought back to its foundations. So on 9/11, America was brought back to the foundations of its powers, to lower Manhattan on the day of its discovery, to the Pentagon on the day of its groundbreaking, and to Ground Zero, where it was dedicated to God on its first day. But the mystery goes back and beyond even that, beyond Ground Zero and beyond that first day, to the very beginning, to the foundation of the foundation, to here, the city on the hill. America had fallen away from its foundation and, on a single day was brought back to them.”

The call to return was/is upon us. ( America) “If America followed / follows the ways of God, the blessings of Israel would come upon it, peace safety, prosperity, power, and pre-eminence. But if it turned against the ways of God, then the judgments of Israel would then come upon it.” “And what was 9 /11 and the harbingers that came from it? What was it all replaying?” The judgments of Israel … so 9/11 is joined to the city on the hill.”

“The calamity that came to America began in the city of the man who had given America the warning of calamity.” Study John Winthrop, The Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop Island. Study also Deuteronomy 28.

This friend is “Revelation Knowledge.” We need to wake to our deep spiritual founding. Why do you think the “deep state powers” that be want to ban the teaching of our founding history? They don’t want our younger generations to know about our connection with God and His leading us. But there’s no stopping what is prophetic. Things look bleak but we know who wins. Study, seek, and you will find. Frankie The Earthman.

Hats off to Jonathan Cahn, and everything he has ever written. Hats off to Michael Heiser ( The Unseen Realm) Mark Levin ( American Marxism) these authors will put you ” in the know”, above all the prostitution, human trafficking, drug smuggling, globalist, America betraying NWO, which is mostly our government.

Friendly warning to all that have been part if my life…” You can keep on drifting down the Nile River towards the upcoming horrible Tribulation, or you can wake up and be prepared for it.” It is coming, with or without you or me. Frankie.

My beauty, Aja.

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