THAT A PERFECT HOLY GOD had/has a plan for His created beings, His ( imagers).

That His ‘long suffering and tender mercies’ are one of the most amazing mysteries. He is in our lifespan, watching us stumble, fumble and rumble along. If we are one of His children, He doesn’t see us as we are in this life, He sees us as we will be, like Him. WE ARE FREE IN HIM, ( glorified ) and this is the only real freedom. Realize, that each of us is but one heartbeat away from eternity either with or without God.

Remember the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young lyrics: “We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” I often wonder, were these words referring to ‘Madison Square Garden’ or the garden of Eden?

I believe God intended for man to make the whole earth ‘Edenic’. Most of us know what took place to stall and thwart God’s plan, even though it is not permanent. The struggle between ‘Good and Evil’ had already begun, and now mankind shows up and is caught in the middle of the struggle.

So God still has us in mind as we live out this ‘detour of an age’ … fast approaching its end.

IN THE ANCIENT DAYS God ‘tabernacled’ (dwelt with) men in the Temple. Men in those days carried around the presence of God in a golden “Ark of The Covenant” ( study required if you are not familiar with)

But at the perfect time, God chose to reveal himself through His Son Jesus Christ. His appearance divided history. His appearance divided people. Before Christ’s appearance, the worship of the Romans and the Greeks mostly revolved around the mythologies of those days. Perhaps more later, Frankie The Earthman.

I think someone walked “right out of their britches”… Appalachian Trail, Virginia, near Skyline Drive.

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