This post wraps up the last chapter of J. Cahn’s THE HARBINGER 2.

The time for repentance, revival, and restoration is nearing its end. Collectively America has not ‘returned’ to its atonement with God.

Excerpt, pgs 279 – 280 — Chapter 35, J. Cahn– THE HARBINGER 2. See below.

You see, our days are numbered. They must and will ultimately come to an end. And then comes eternity. But now are the days given in which we determine eternity, which eternity that will be. These are the only days we have in which to turn, in which to come to God, in which to repent, and get right, and be redeemed, and come to salvation. Eternity is forever. But these days are not. They come but once in eternity — and yet, by them, eternity is sealed. How awesome are these days! These’, said the prophet, “are the Days of Awe”. “You see we live our lives in between the ” “Trumpets and the Day of judgment ( Study the Jewish Calender) when we will each stand before Him and eternity. And so the trumpets are sounding even now and calling out to us to say “You don’t have forever. For your days on earth are numbered and ending. So whatever you do, you must do it now.

Note: I am not some zealot standing on the corner streets of our big cities, with a scruffy beard, a dingy gray overcoat, and a cardboard sign saying “The End Is Near!”… however, I am a ‘watchman’ of sorts. I have studied for decades, including Hebrew History And Archaeology at Liberty University. My private study over the years is considerable. I consider it an honor to ‘stand on the shoulders of men like Jonathan Cahn, Michael Heiser, and Mark Levin. I am an extremely flawed individual, but I try to work for God’s great commission. Lucky for me, God loves me warts n’ all. Frankie The Earthman.

My wife Mizuho and son Ari’el.

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