FRIENDS, don’t be deceived.

Share this study with your loved ones, a big deception about just who aliens are, and where they come from is upon us and growing.

The possibility of aliens from other planets became very popular in the 50s and 60s. University professors would like us to believe that these aliens came from other galaxies, well here’s the problem.

As we grew in the knowledge of the enormous size of the universe, it became obvious that aliens could not travel thousands or even millions of light years across the universe according to the laws of physics. Ref: pg 249, GIANTS, FALLEN ANGELS AND THE RETURN OF THE NEPHILIM — DR. DENNIS LINDSAY.

This would require multiple generations to make the trip. This means that if you traveled at the speed of light it would still take 100,000 years to cross just one Galaxy not to mention traveling from Galaxy to Galaxy. Man’s Most powerful engine is the space shuttle traveling at 17,900 miles an hour. So it is beyond reasonable thought for these alien spacecraft to be coming from other galaxies according to the universe’s laws of physic. Then we have the subject of wormholes. Imagine a worm boring its way through an apple.

Can we imagine wormholes boring through the universe and connecting galaxies?

” The problem with space travel is that it would take the energy of 98 Hiroshima atomic bombs to propel a tiny 500 – gram ball to 50% of the speed of light.” “At this speed, it would take 4 million years to reach the nearest galaxy, Andromeda, from our own Milky Way. There is also the problem of coming into contact with space debris and particles. There are hundreds of thousands of dust particles for every cubic kilometer of space. At one-tenth the speed of light, the impact would be equivalent to 10 tons of TNT. A Pea-sized object would produce kinetic energy equivalent to 2.2 atomic bombs.

Changing directions is another problem with traveling in space. One g is equivalent to the Earth’s gravity. 9 g’s could kill an Air Force pilot. Changing directions at the speed of light exerts millions of g’s upon the occupants, which translates into “lights out” permanently for all passengers. Yet another problem is cosmic radiation. Prolonged exposure is fatal, and traveling at the speed of light would massively increase exposure. The number one objection to flying around the universe at the speed of light is being able to reach the speed of light, which is impossible. You couldn’t get enough energy to propel you to the speed of light. Physics teaches that as speed increases, mass increases, which means that it’s impossible within the natural laws of physics. It is simply fantasy — science fiction. Ref: Dennis Lindsay’s book, mentioned earlier. So stay tuned to my blog site ( for more important information concerning this subject and the coming deception. Frankie The Earthman. Standing on the shoulders of great scholars to pass on critical information for your knowledge and understanding of what is going on in our world. Don’t be deceived. Frankie.

This book is highly recommended for REVELATION KNOWLEDGE, I, FRANKIE, AM A MESSENGER.

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