Could it be that our earth, our home, is a very special planet in this vast universe? .. If aliens exist, why such a mystery concerning them? Why so much apparent distance between earthlings and supposed aliens?

Let me digress, or quite possibly ‘progress‘. If there was this chaotic ‘big bang’ … when did the laws of physics, obvious evidence of intelligent design, the order and beauty of the universe, the apparent uniqueness of planet earth enter the creative picture? Did God build this wisdom into a big bang? Possibly… Let’s think further…

Have we asked some simple but important questions? Where did gravity and electromagnetism come from? … Did they just ‘willie Billie bring themselves into existence? … Where did earth’s water come from? Why does it seem that the human body was specifically designed to live on earth? Why are space travel and physics not more accommodating to human space travel?

Can we compare a ‘big bang theory’ to the explosion of a hand grenade? … Seems to me there is not much order involved in the explosion of a grenade.

Let’s enlighten ourselves with a much smaller scale ( compared to the universe) mechanical theory. Look at the watch on your arm … Did all of its precision parts create themselves by something like a Big Bang? Or was there an intelkigent designer?… Did these precision parts assemble themselves to arrive at a device that keeps near perfect time?

Apply this theory to our universe, then apply it to the human body. Apply it to the perfect distance of the sun from the earth, the tides, the seasons, the cycles of life. Is this all chaotic happenstance? Believing in a Big Bang theory is a farther leap of faith than a faith in an intelligent designer, a wonderful God.

If I’ve learned anything in my studies over the years, it’s that people cannot understand these things in their ‘natural minds’ their minds have to be illuminated by a touch from God. Now that sounds pretty exclusive. I think if you study things about God and The Bible you will find that it is exclusive. God wants us to wake up and get with His program. Those that will not wake up to his program and turn away from the evil that is seducing us even now, we’ll find themselves trying to survive in the coming Tribulation of Daniel’s 70th week … I will leave it there for now. Frankie The Earthman. I will be writing more about ‘who aliens really are’ based on Genesis 6: 1 – 4 and other scriptures, don’t be deceived. This post was written entirely by Frankie The Earthman.

My next study will be about death. There is no death in the original plan of God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. How is it that something as horrible as death (which God cannot even be around) was allowed to come to existence? Stay tuned, my messages will come strong and clear. Frankie.

Have a marker, a goal, and go for it…

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