The question at this point should really be — where is America’s freedoms and wealth NOT being attacked?


Attacked by left-leaning, right-hating social media platforms.

Attacked by a left leaning weaponized radical DOJ, FBI.

Attacked with the Drug Cartels running our Southern Borders, with the destruction of our youth and adults through enormous amounts of fentanyl being released throughout the US. Also, human trafficking running rampant. Crimes too many to mention.

Attacked by “runaway inflation” and a government that won’t admit it, and tries to redefine the definition of what a recession means. ( This redefinition of terms is what many of the ‘cults’ across our lands do to justify their religious belief systems, which is total deception.) Our farmers are dying slow deaths.

Attacked by lives being lost through an underfunded, abused law enforcement system. Criminal behavior is favored over enforcing the laws.

Attacked by China, which hates and abuses America and Americans, “their goal is to take over the whole world”, the Chinese are currently buying up land in the United States. A lot of the purchases are close to military facilities … Hmmm …

Attacked by an education system that is allowing Sexual Education to be taught in our elementary schools. Attacked by an education system’s main goal being to indoctrinate our youth into accepting Socialism and Communism. When a nation’s people are oppressed and suppressed the nation will never develop into what it potentially could be, and is a total insult to God, and his giving each person a unique identity and gifts. Everyone loses.

Attacked by our government which is striving for a one-party system. I think they want to govern like the Chinese govern.

Attacked by the democrats and their puppet leader Joe Biden. Joe Biden seems to be hell-bent on destroying everything that is American.

I am convinced that the democrats will break any and every law in order to hold on to power. They could care less about the American people. I think they are printing money like there’s no tomorrow because they know “the big reset” is coming and the national debt will never need to be repaid.

In my view, the turning point for America is the upcoming November midterm elections. I think the Republican party is polluted and weak. If they don’t seize this opportunity everyone on the right loses. America needs to fight fire with fire. Frankie The Earthman.

Poochie Kooch

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