I Am

Moses said to God, when I go to Pharaoh, he will ask me who sent me, God said to tell him “I am” sent me.

The depth of Gods sacred name: YHWH … I AM …

Let’s go life changing deep. Do you have ears to hear, eyes to see, and a heart to receive this, a life-changing message? ie : Ref — J. Cahn

God’s name — I AM … The uncaused cause. Remember when Jesus said, ” Before Abraham was, I am.” Friends, this is just bad English but whenever this happens in The Bible, it’s not a mistake, it’s just that God is saying something incredibly important.

Let’s think about this, A great Irish preacher once preached about this “I Am” mystery.

The gist of *his ( *Leslie Hale from Dublin Ireland) message was focused on understanding this: God says I AM that I Am. Now understand this. Before I say my name, I say his name. “I am Frank Payton.” Meaning God is there with me. We can apply this to all of life. “I am” going to the grocery store God is with me, “I am” going to get a haircut God is with me or you. “I am” going to die, God is with me. No matter what we are doing, good or bad God is with us.

I Am is there in everything. I am risen with Christ, because of him. Christ became me on the cross Christ became you on the cross, if you will believe in him. This is a very deep subject, perhaps more later, I hope you glean something from this. Frankie The Earthman.

Mizuho and Ari’el

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