$2 trillion is to be spent on regulating our economy, in the next ten years.

Our government doesn’t care about America’s growth. It’s all about income redistribution.

China is hacking into our federal reserve files. Hacking and espionage are rampant.

What else is sickening ?: Congress should be nailing Hunter Biden to the wall, yet they’re screwing around with pursuing Donald Trump for January 6th insurrection.

OUR COUNTRY IS ROME ON FIRE AND STEROIDS, WE ARE ROTTING FROM WITHIN, YET spend time on using correct pronouns, ie: Kamala Harris, the ass hat clown. HOW LONG OLD LORD, HOW LONG?, Lord, SAVE US FROM OURSELVES. This is what happens when we kick God out of everything. We are in judgment. All people that don’t think so are just stupid. Don’t be stupid. Joe Biden and company have cornered the market on that.

Delaplane, Va.

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