Who’da thunk? Each human life born on earth given “a part in the grandest of plays.”

Each life coming into existence, not knowing what they were going to be amazed by, what they were going to be disappointed by. Coming into a cosmic struggle between good and evil. A struggle between the one true God, and God’s most perfect created entity that turns on him, and is called Satan or the Devil.

Come into a life on planet earth where death was not part of the original plan. We learn through the history of mankind, that rules and boundaries were set in the ancient days ( Eden). We learn that breaking the rules and disrespecting the boundaries brought about major penalties, the worst being death.

Many humans struggle between being grateful for having been given life, and at times wishing they had never been born.

Hopefully, we eventually learn that we humans are body, soul, and spirit. We also study and learn that we are made in the image of the one true God and we have an eternal spirit that will live on forever. We are God’s ‘Imagers.’

Most humans hopefully eventually learn this one great truth: There is accountability and responsibility ‘on each life’ to hopefully figure out that life is a gift and not some chaotic random chance. Some chaotic ( less intelligent design) life oozing from some primordial goop.

God’s hope in designing us is that we will seek after him. We hopefully also learn that ‘freedom of choice is an extraordinary gift from God, yet choices have serious consequences. He didn’t make us robots. If you study hard enough you will find that God is about family life and love. One of my favorite ways to explain the nature of God is that he is a two-sided coin. Being in a relationship with him and studying his word, reveals that the Holy Spirit is either a warm comforting friend and an advocate, or a consuming fire, a judge ( for unbelief ). I hope these words of mine are helpful to those searching for truth. Frankie The Earthman.

Princess Aja, a true gift from God.


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