MY THOUGHTS ON ‘EQUITY ‘. YES, we are all created equal, then what happens? People are born in different parts of the globe. People are born under different governments, different cultures, and different situations of wealth.

People are born equal but do not remain equal. The cream rises to the top. Some people, for whatever the reasons, are just not ‘go getters’ some are just lazy and happy with a minimalist existence. Some people could be given a million dollars and they would be poor again within six months. Some would make additional millions. Should government ( that ‘makes’ no money from hard work to add to the economy) take from those that have been successful and give to those that have wasted or not taken advantage of their opportunities? The American government is the finest example of abuse, corruption, inequity, self service, and waste master of time and money, other people’s money.

We as Americans cannot be duped ( and watch our educational system, our children, destroyed) through the schemes, neglect and abuse of CRT. If you look around you will see that social studies taught in school these days is all under the banner of Critical Race Theories. Those in power are destroying human values, the family, and the worshipping God. ‘They’ want to be God.

So, we humans are created equal, but rising or falling in this current world system depends on the efforts, determination, drive, and goals of each person. Government is a destroyer with CRT. Just look at any nation that is under or has been under socialism and communism; when the people are suppressed and oppressed, that nation has shown to be a failure. Frankie The Earthman.

“Be still and know there is a God.”

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