WARNING: THIS POST IS A REALITY CHECK. IT IS NOT FOR BLEEDING HEART LIBERALS THAT WANT TO SAVE THE WHALES YET MURDER UNBORN BABIES. Also addressed is the “Art Of Politician talk”. The art of answering questions using thousands of words and never really answering the question that is posed.

It should be noted that almost all liberal judges are on the take, and it should also be noted that ‘their’ dispositions and attitudes toward a case have been heavily soiled by how much “backroom money” they are corrupted with from both the plaintive or defendants, or other behind the scenes bad players. Can you say, George Soros?

It should also be held as common knowledge that judges, lawyers, and lawyers’ assistants will never be the ones to admit “having farted on an elevator or in a courtroom at a crucial moment” in the deliberation of a case. ( smirk )

Lawyers and especially politicians do not like being asked “how they are worth hundreds of millions of dollars” when their salary is not more than $200,000 a year. If you ask one of them this question, they will ‘yammer around about everything under the sun’, except how they received all of their “ill gotten money.”

Joe Biden has introduced new ways of dodging questions from reporters and journalists, it’s called the “walk away” when he just doesn’t want to answer questions. He will say what someone told him to say. Often deflecting by talking about some wild tale of him and his father.

When becoming a “politician in particular” the politician must understand the dialect of his state. If it is California he/she must learn “Fantasy, or Hollywood talk”. If from DC there is the “Mumbo Jumbo Double Talk.” If the politician is from New York, it’s the Blame Somebody Else Gibberish.”

It should be noted that there are especially gifted Masters of Deception and Deceitful Language. Men like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates that like to look directly in the camera and tell a bold faced lie.

Take Kamala Harris, ( Please ). When she’s asked a question, she just starts laughing, because she knows in her mind there is no way she will be able to answer the simplest of questions. Part of her professional career proved that she put many people behind bars for minor marijuana charges; while on any given day she was known to go home and take several bong hits to start her evening. ( It has been told in DC circles.) So funny, I mean sad, sickening.

Again Joe Biden is of particular interest in his mastery of deception. He, his son, and his family have gotten rich selling America out to China and Russia, and other countries included, and conveniently blamed Donald Trump for everything.

Here is a twist on supply and demand. I often wonder if the average person understands the demand for drugs, human trafficking, and pedophilia that is rampant in Washington DC. This includes the Congress, Senate, and up to many Presidencies. It is also evident that “big time” in Hollywood, demands too big to keep track of and in many places.

Let’s Have a look at the Spirit of division that is rampant in the world and especially in the United States. In large part, I hold Barack Obama responsible. If the truth isn’t already known, it will surely be known soon that he is a “card-carrying Muslim radical.” His ascent to power is a peculiar thing to study. It is also heavily believed, although he would probably not admit it, that he and his mate ‘Michelle’ Obama, alias ( Michael Robinson, it is reported) are two gay men disguising themselves as husband and wife. The question about their kids is also very interesting. Among certain circles in DC, it is believed that Michelle is a ‘hermaphrodite’, having both the plumbing of a man and a woman, which would have enabled her to have kids, I guess.

I believe Obama is responsible for some horrible things. He weaponized the FBI and the Department of Justice among other institutions. I also believe that he is personally responsible for the 5 members of Congress known as “The Squad.” These are five destructors of the American way of life.

I think that is very fascinating and also troubling that the American public was duped into two terms of Barack Obama, eight years of Joe Biden as Vice President, and now the current term of Joe Biden as president. My question is “when are (*we) some ‘*50% of Americans’ going to learn about lawyers and especially politicians? Most of them are not our friends and are only looking out for themselves. Perhaps more later, Frankie The Earthman. Written entirely by Frankie. One last thing, for now, don’t be deceived, America is in the throes of judgment. It began on 9 / 11. We Americans, ( a large percentage anyway,) don’t know what to make of all that has “come upon” our land, ie: The Spirit of lawlessness, evil, and corruption from Federal to State, to County governments. What adds to our situation is that all of these troubles are prophesied.

“Hold on, hold on, take another little piece of my heart now baby.” Janis Joplin RIP.

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