Prayer For America.


Father, in your long-suffering and tender mercies, extend your mighty long arm and deliver us from ourselves. Deliver us from Men and Women inclined to do evil, and ourselves inclined in the same way.

Lord, stop us from resorting to subversive tactics. Let the date of 1776 remain the date of America’s founding. Please rescue us from implementing such subversive tactics as trying to make the 1619 date and the ‘1619 Project’ the new “founding of America’s date.” Yes, slavery is a part of America’s history, but it was not our founding principle.

In my view, America’s current Biden administration and method of governing has us “inches from going over the cliff.” Biden and The Deep State are perfecting the art of deflection, lying, and corruption. As you know Lord, it is obvious that the goal of the Biden administration is the complete subversion and destruction of America, please Oh Lord, do not allow this to happen. There is still a remnant of people that worship and love you, and want to stick by our Constitution an in our American way of life.

Please expose the corruption of the Department of Justice’s raiding the private residence of former president Donald Trump. Look Oh Lord, how they went into his residence and ransacked his whole house, even Melania’s personal belongings, seems nothing is sacred. They cracked open Trump’s safe to find anything that they can to bring charges against him, to keep him from running for president again. Lord do not let us turn into the Banana Republic.

Lord deliver us from the media and “the dark deep state powers that be”, that are bringing about the division in this country. Please expose and deliver us from the likes of George Soros. Thank you, Lord, for exposing the hatred of America and the destructive tactics of people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and now Joe Biden. Intervene Oh Lord, intervene. Prayer by Frankie The Earthman.

Princess Aja.

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