Concerning past history about achieving peace : What has proven to be true?

Where did the Barack Obama apology tour get us? Where is the apologizing, pleading, begging, Butt kissing Joe Biden plan getting us?

As we look at Taiwan, we must remember the recent past actions of the Biden presidency concerning Afghanistan and Ukraine. Where did those decisions get America?

Have we asked ourselves why the government feels free to spend spend spend, spin, spin, spin, and tax, tax, tax? It’s because there will be no intention to repay the national debt. Don’t forget the “big reset” is on the way. There is plenty of ink and paper.

What has proven to be true is that we can have peace through strength. The only thing that men like Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Zi of China understand is power and control through being the most powerful bully on the block. ( so to speak). Frankie The Earthman.


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