God is part of American history whether people like it, believe it, or not.

The social protest about the ‘pledge of allegiance’ not being ‘all-inclusive’ is just another demonic attack and effort to remove God from every aspect of our American life and culture. ‘We’ don’t like the 10 commandments, we don’t like “In God, we trust” on our coins, ‘we’ don’t like anything that has to do with God, WHEN WILL ‘WE’ LEARN A LESSON? Whether collectively or individually, when ‘WE’ kick God out of “The things of life” something/someone will come to replace it, ie: ( God was kicked out of our schools in the sixties, and we now see how that is turning out ) and if it’s not Godly, it is usually Satanic.

This is really very simple to understand in spiritual or natural terms: Jesus died on the cross and made salvation available to “ALL” ( all, potentially inclusive) but, ( Like the example of the two thieves crucified with Jesus.) One believed in Jesus, ( choosing life) the other didn’t believe ( choosing death) One was included… the other one excluded. What part metaphorically do so many people not understand?

We don’t understand because of the limits of our natural minds, we cannot rise to ‘wisdom’ in our ‘natural thought processes, we are blinded by the spirit of the lawlessness of this age, by the “Prince of the Power of the Air.”… Satan. Frankie The Earthman.

Biden and company turning America into a total junkyard.

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