The rule of law in the United States is being slaughtered at the Department of Justice’s local butcher shop.

The observers and applauding company includes but is not limited to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Jokin’ Joe Biden, friends, and Kawabunga dope smokin’ ‘Kamala Hairlip” Harris.

So, having said this, the best bet in Washington DC, known as the swamp is as follows: Hillary Clinton will never be prosecuted ( or even spanked) for her “private server” and the other including ( Benghazi) crimes she committed. Neither will Joey B. , Hunter, or Barack.

Picture Barack, Hillary, Joey B, Hunter B, Nancy P., M. Garland, Schumer, and many others standing around the DC butcher table, ( as Trump is quartered) watching with one thumb in the mouth, and the other in their nasty asses, playing switch.

Symbolic of the DC swamp.

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