America last! … Destroy America fast … Die middle class, IRS will kick your ass! … Sorry about the price of food, about the price of gas, If Covid didn’t destroy your business … The IRS will do the task …

Barack, the card-carrying Muslim started this division and hate in America, and he did it all with his charming words and a smile. He and his ” boss boy wife” ‘Michael’ are living “high on the hog.” Enjoy your life on earth boys, because the ONE TRUE GOD YHWH, ELOHIM, EL-ELYON IS WAITING FOR YOU TWO TO DARKEN THE OTHER SIDE WHERE YOUR DECEPTIVE WORDS AND FAKE SMILES AND LUXURIANT LIVES WILL BE OVER … Because you can fool man but you can’t fool God. Joe, the same goes for you and many other democrats currently in office. Remember, he who is now first will then be last. Frankie The Earthman.

Dear Lord, walk with me in the cool of the day, please.

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