The message to the American public: If we can go after Donald Trump, we can come after YOU…

If you look at the Mar-A- Lago raid, Almost every amendment of the Constitution was and is being violated.

Our ruling class does all of this under the guise of “following the law.” Where is following the law for Hunter Biden? where was the law in raiding / persecuting Hillary Clinton?

We are in a critical moment in American history. There needs to be a virtual clean sweep of Congress and the Senate in November, we need to have a president of Donald Trump’s stature and resolve (to save America) back in the White House on 2024.

Alert! If anyone choose us to read the Russian Constitution, They will find that it reads very nice and pretty but it never physically took place. It was all a big lie.

In the recent investigations and activities of our “ruling class” i.e. The Democratic Party, the violation of every one of our Constitutional Amendments can be found.

The January 6th committee is a Stalinist committee. The messages are being sent everywhere my fellow Americans. The average American citizen is mostly the “frog in the kettle” slowly being boiled.

Consolidation of power is the ruling class’s goal. Friends, we need to wake up there is a designed plan in action. The media is the (strong propaganda arm) of the ruling class.

Think about 87 thousand new IRS agents … Hmmm … Are we still a Constitutional Republic?

Biden has destroyed every aspect of what makes this country great. Frankie The Earthman. Finally, What is scary is the potential of the prophesied Biblical coming to the New World Order, the forerunner to the TRIBULATION. Also study Victor Hanson, ‘s THE DYING CITIZEN. WARNING: MASS HYSTERIA WAFTS UP IN AMERICA LIKE AN UNBATHED FILTHY WHORE. WARNING: The ruling class is using the law against the law. Communism is here, wake up! November may be our last chance.

Read everything by Mark Levin, especially AMERICAN MARXISM… America IS SLOWLY BEING DESTROYED.

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