If anyone (other than the democratic ruling class) is ‘comfortable’ with the way things are going, it’s time to wake up, because things are going to get very uncomfortable.

A lot of us in America are struggling, but most of us live in relative wealth. Yes, we have to pay more for gasoline, food, and just about everything.

But friends, We have a bigger problem, a much bigger problem, we are “Post Modern” and that means there are no “absolute truths” being observed any longer. The deeper concern should be, that as a result of no longer observing absolute truths, we live in a land of darkness, a land of lawlessness, a land of crime, a land of fear, a land of death.

If you haven’t noticed “Everything is not OK.” Joe Biden is driving the “wrecking ball”… The Democratic Party is his crew, The media is his “gang.”

Remember James Comey, his outlining of Hillary Clinton’s crimes, and then bringing no charges. Why did this happen? … because Hillary Clinton is a Democrat, a part of the ruling class, the elite, the Deep State.

The battle is about the establishment and those who challenge it.

“Business man,drinks my wine, come and dig my earth, none will level on the line, nobody of it is worth”… Jimi Hendrix

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