Why can’t we go deep inside of ourselves, have we ever had, and if we did, lose the “Art of Marveling?”

Marvel at the wonder of all creation, our universe, the unique miracle of earth; the complexity of man, the design of the human body, the hope of eternal life found in the promises of God?

How and why are humans so ugly and full of hate sometimes? how and why are humans so wonderful and loving sometimes?

Why did God put us humans in the middle of the struggle between good and evil? Could it be that he wanted us to choose life or death, Him or Satan?

Why are we ( generally speaking) So inclined to do evil? How are we made in the image of God yet so inclined to do evil? Yes, we do a lot of good.

Why can’t we acknowledge our inclination to do evil? Why can’t we want to overcome ourselves? We are so destructive and greedy.

Why can’t we marvel like an innocent child? Frankie The Earthman.

Aja, what a marvel !

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