IMHO … The plans were set in place long ago by the Communist Party, but the ‘launching point’ was the assassination of John F. Kennedy (in broad daylight) Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. A major blunder was kicking God out of our schools in the sixties. It took decades, but we are now seeing the fruit “in the full measure” of that disastrous decision.

Further, the ’70s brought Roe vs Wade and the decades-long slaughtering of sixty to some seventy million babies under the selfish guise of a woman’s freedom to choose. Also, the Viet Nam war revealed the corruption of our Congress, Senate, Executive branch, and other well-thought out institutions established after World War II.

The ’70s further revealed an inability of our then government under ( Peanut Head) Jimmy Carter, to deal with the arrival of the Radical Muslim threat occurring through different events. Look at the Iranian weapons deals taking place even back then. Look at the supposed fuel shortages that we’re created by those in power.

Fast forward passed the hair bands of the eighties and the grunge bands of the nineties and move up to Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Clintons fleeced and fooled America in many ways, that are documented. A big fleecing was the FOUNDATION the Clintons established. This foundation made them rich. Then we have Slick Willies Monica Lewinski’s sexual adventures ( including cigars) which was a total disrespecting of the “Office Of The Presidency Of The United States.” Bill’s presidency brought about the political birth of the dreadful Hillary Rodham Clinton. She revealed herself to be one of the finest, polyester queen criminals in U.S. political history. The woman seems untouchable to this day and protected by our sick liberal democrats.

Fast forward again to Barack Obama, alias Barry Sotero. He promised change and boy did he bring it about. We didn’t know that he was a card-carrying radical Muslim. We didn’t know his true hatred of America and plans for destroying it. We didn’t know how Joe Biden would learn the tricks of the trade under him. We didn’t know about the controversy of Michelle Obama, about HIS true identity as Michael Robinson. Even the identity of their children is a controversy. Seems to me the only way Michael Robinson could have had those 2 girls was as if he was a *Hermaphrodite. *This means he had the plumbing of a woman and a man. Time will reveal the truth. I think everybody should know by now that Barack Obama was/is as gay as the day is long. He is the ultimate charming deceiver. I consider him to be a fine example of what the Anti-Christ will be in the coming Tribulation.

This brings us to the sickening “sorry excuse for a human being” we find in Joe Biden. The man can’t open his mouth without lying. IMHO, history will prove his election to the presidency was fraudulent, stolen from Trump by the Deep State. Joe is hell-bent on the destruction of America. His signing of the “Inflation Reduction Act Bill” is one of the biggest lies/jokes in Congressional history. The democrats are consumed with climate change. They know that by regulating everything that we do they will gain control over the masses. That’s all for now … Frankie The Earthman. Finally, if anyone doesn’t have “eyes to see” that America is under judgment, as God does not wink at our national and personal sins; then I feel sorry for your powers of observation. Sleep on sweet Charlotte.

Calm down Frankie, go for a walk, it will do you good.

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