CAN YOU FEEL, SENSE GOD in your heartbeat? … In your vision, your taste, your hearing, your brain, your consciousness, your ability to look up, stretch your hands skyward and say YES! I feel your presence Lord!

Can you fathom that mankind could travel at the speed of light forever and not reach the end of His universe?

Can you see that no other religion or belief system has provided a history, a record of humanity, that rises anywhere near the degree of The Bible?

What other would be God, can say, lay claim, that he “spoke the world into existence” and in his desired timing, stepped into his creation?

Can you feel God tugging at your heart, wishing to reveal himself to you? Have you missed his wonderful plan for you and his sacrificial death on a Roman cross?

Do you lie in bed trying to go to sleep, wondering if this physical life is all there is? In the ancient world, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Romans, the India Indians, and others had various gods they worshipped and believed in. That is until a God / Man named Jeshua came and turned the world upside down. He overcame mankind’s biggest enemy, which is death. Can you resist his love for you? Frankie The Earthman.

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