*”IF FOR NOTHING ELSE Oh Lord, but thy name’s sake SAVE US IN AMERICA. If only for Your name’s sake; save us from ourselves. Save us from our corrupt evil government. ‘We the people have digressed into ‘We the abused, we the misused, we the abandoned, we the forlorn, we, our own worst enemy,’ wondering endlessly and aimlessly, mostly ignorant of our need to recover our Founding National Identity. *Quote by Frankie The Earthman.

Collectively speaking, ( and this certainly doesn’t apply to everyone in America), since the post-World War II era and the rise to the superpower status of America, we collectively seem to have no remembrance, or acknowledgment of God’s methods of action concerning the nation of Israel, in particular, in the Old Testament. It seems the percentage is forever shrinking in the number of people that still observe the long-standing belief in the West referring to the (‘One True God), the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; YAHWEH, YHWH, MIGHTY ELOHIM, EL-El Yon.

The history of Israel shows what a stiff-necked people we humans are. We cry out to God until we get everything we need, and once we have everything we think we need, we turn our back on Him and rebel and backside, in our self-sufficiency; then when everything gets worse for us again, we become desperate, we turn back and cry out to God. The cycle never ends, that’s the way it was in the history of Israel and that’s the way it is in America, as we are modeled in our founding after the wonderful nation Israel.

We as people seem to only look at the outward appearance of things. We simply can’t overcome ourselves and examine our own hearts to see how dark we truly are. How we kill each other for next to nothing, how we run to war so easily.

I think this is a true statement, “Our Government is filled with greedy self-serving people. Our churches and their duties have fallen by the wayside because of cultural pressures. The church no longer cares to stand up boldly and say what is right and wrong, what is an abomination to God.” Subjects like how to deal with the LGBTQ community, Same-sex marriage, gays, BLM, Cancel Culture issues, etc, seem to make our church leaders cower in the corner naked, sucking their thumbs. All this when God’s Word is clear in how to handle these issues and more.

It seems that a large percentage of people especially the younger folks, have little or no knowledge about spiritual things. They have no idea that they are caught up in something much bigger than themselves. They have no idea that all of these cultural problems and divisions, ie: (Abortion) revolve around life-and-death issues. They have no idea of the spiritual nature of the struggle that they are caught in the middle of, namely the struggle between good and evil. They don’t realize that their eternal souls are at risk. They don’t understand that there is a giant chess game going on between God and the devil, and their very human souls are the prize. You never hear the media talk about such things, because they are mostly ignorant of or not allowed to talk about such things. We overly concern ourselves with things like climate change and other mostly uncontrollable issues. What happened to viewing life as a wonderful miracle, what happened to giving credit to a God for our very lives and our existence?

Dear Lord, ( we are this confused and desperate) FOR THY NAME’S SAKE, extend your mighty arm and save us. Frankie The Earthman.

Have mercy on us, Oh Lord!

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