The Real Numbers at our Southern Borders. (Per Fox News) Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico.

70% of our Southern Borders are open, the democrats call it a humanitarian crisis. Seems like Joe Biden and company doesn’t have much of a clue about anything that deals with reality.

Seems the Democratic Party and Joe Biden are considering the humanitarian crisis only from the perspective of those trying to enter this country illegally. What about the humanitarian crisis affecting now all of the United States? The human trafficking, the drugs “the one million getaways?”, the crime waiting in the wings of most likely every city in America, sleeper cells organizing, waiting to pounce and destroy.

When I ask you, will some 50% of America wake up and see that Joe Biden is doing everything within his power to destroy this country. The Republicans better “grow a set of balls with hair on them” or they are not gonna make much of a change in the November midterms, we need sweeping change, not the Barack Obama “Promised Change” that turned out to be the loosing of the spirit of lawlessness. Joe Biden continues the deep state plan; while half of America wanders endlessly and aimlessly scratching their ass’s, sniffing their fingers, picking in their noses, and being mostly oblivious to what is taking place in this country. Many of us are under a spirit of delusion. How much more deception and duping has to take place before we wake up collectively as a country?

Also, who does Liz Cheney think she is? … she loses a Senate seat and then thinks that loss qualifies her to be a presidential candidate. Her obvious motive Is the destruction of Donald Trump. She like many others cannot rise above her hatred for Donald Trump. She needs to grow up, and realize that America’s people are “filled to the gills” with the bullshit that is Washington DC. a “Pit of Vipers.”

How low will the cartels go? … making fentanyl appear as candy for the destruction of children. How much more will Americans put up with?

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