Do you know the history concerning the nation of Israel and its relationship to the world? All hell has been on a march to wipe out Israel, God’s chosen people. Why? Because Satan, the Prince of the Power of the Air, hates God, his people, and his chosen.

Let’s have a look back at the ancient times of Israel. Spiritual wars were going on between God and a lesser god named Baal. Baal was the God of prosperity.

Antiochus built an ‘altar of abomination’ on the Temple Mount (this is a shadow of the end times alter of abomination that will present the coming Anti Christ) it was the idol of the god Zeus, chief of the Greek gods.

The connection between Baal and Zeus is this: They both came from the same principality of darkness. The Maccabeans won a war and cleansed the temple, but Satan comes back and another altar of Zeus is built at the place called Pergamus. Pergamus was the throne of Satan.

Rome took over, so what happened to the altar? As the gospel spreads through Rome, the altar goes into disrepair until the modern age at the end of the 19th century. A German archeologist begins to send pieces of the altar to Germany. Germany just happened to become a nation in 1871. It just so happens that the beginnings Anti Semitism began in 1871.

The reconstruction of the altar begins in 1889, the same year that Adolf Hitler was born. The Germans began to build a massive building to honor the throne of Satan, the Altar of Pergamus.

1930 was the year that the Nazi party became the number two party in Germany. Hitler became the dictator of Germany from 1933 to 1934. Hitler needs a stage in Nuremberg Germany. Albert Speer built Hitler a pedestal based on the throne of Satan. The persecution of Jews had begun. Germany becomes a demonic nation under Hitler. Hitler’s goal was to destroy the Jews and God’s plan.

The Holocaust began in Nuremberg, Germany.

Further comments: Friends, we are in a real spiritual war. Every believer has a real enemy in Satan and his minions. Can you see that Satan and the powers of darkness are furious with Israel, Christianity, and the United States?

Also friends, this is one of the greatest eras of time ( though trouble is everywhere) to be living in. Don’t get caught with your pants down around your ankles as the Tribulation Period is certainly coming. Big wars are coming. Jerusalem and the control of it is the true battleground, why do you think Satan is so angry? Why do you think the spirit of lawlessness is already loosed in the world and especially in America? Israel is hated because that’s where The New Holy City of Jerusalem will usher in the reign of Jesus Christ. The 1000 year reign is what it is called. Satan will do everything he can and use anyone he can to stop this from happening.

However, remember this, the more bad things that happen, and the enemy attacks, we believers can rest assured that good things are coming. Study, study, study, the hour is late, look up your redemption is near. Frankie The Earthman. Note: Inspiration for this post is based on a lecture by the illuminated Jonathan Cahn.

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