Interview with Wilentz of the Atlantic.

To teach children that the American Revolution was fought in part to secure slavery would be giving a fundamental misunderstanding not only of what the American Revolution was all about but what America stood for and has stood for since the founding.”… Anti-slavery ideology was a ‘very new thing in the world in the 18th century,’ he said, and ‘there was more anti-slavery activity in the colonies than in Britain.’ ” Reference: AMERICAN MARXISM, Mark Levin, pg 110. Don’t be duped by these America haters. Frankie The Earthman.

Abraham Lincoln was murdered because he believed all men are created equal. A white man killed him J.W. Booth was murdered out of hatred.

Important note: All men are created equal, but what they do with their lives is mostly up to them. We all have demons to fight and things to overcome, the Democrats are experts at playing the blame game and trying to get all of us to turn on each other.

Frankie The Earthman, Appalachian Trail, Va.

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