Consider a few things: 87K new IRS agents, their goal to attack, burden, and cripple small businesses and the middle class.

Note: The middle class ( according to the Biden Administration) has to be eliminated to support the Socialist / Communist agenda. The agenda being having only two classes of people, the ruling class elite, and the poor “Government controlled and supported working class.”

Again, 87K new IRS agent warriors. At the same time no new funding for the Southern Border crisis. Then, we have the “Climate Change Bill,” some 739 Billion sold to the public as the Inflation Reduction Act, which reduces nothing and increases taxes, fuel prices, food, etc.

Don’t forget, Biden wants America back in the Iranian nuclear deal. How stupid can we be? Iran will be allowed access to the World Stage.

Also: The Chinese are preparing a Transoceanic Delivery System of moving whatever they want to move across the waters including their military agenda.

My personal opinion based on year’s of study and the current sellout of America by the Biden “Chinese run crime family” is this: Whether you like it or not America is in “judgment phase” and only the hand of God will bring us out of it. Rome is burning.

2 Million illegals have crossed the open Southern Border, while Biden is having a wall built around his home and homeland security is paying for it with our talk dollars. So, This is about all I can stomach to write about at this point. Frankie The Earthman.

Oh, the drug Cartels are making 2 million dollars a week from their trafficking and drug operations. How many of Our elected officials are receiving paydays from this Cash Cow?

Our schools and education takeover by the radical left is another National Security Crisis in America … Anyway there are many more issues that I could mention, but not now, we have enough to deal with.

Finally the SICK MINDED, MENTALLY CHALLENGED, PEDO JOE has the nerve to say that “America is back.” He and his crooked family are laughing all the way to the bank, as America continues to be the slowly boiling frog in the kettle. Get it? Got it? Good! Mind you, I haven’t come close to describing the criminal activity of the Bidens, and believe it or not, most of the sell out continues to be fueled by the Democrat hatred of Donald Trump and his success. THE DEMS ARE SCARED TO DEATH OF A SECOND TRUMP PRESIDENCY.

Shut your lying pie hole Joe, you sorry excuse for a human being.

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