We don’t have to look very far into the study of God’s dealings and judgment with the nation of Israel to see America’s situation. At one point the nation said that they wanted Kings, instead of being led by THE ONE TRUE GOD YHWH. So God gave them their desires. Now, this is not exactly the situation in America. In a parallel comparison * we (*America) have had good leaders, good Presidents, bad leaders, and bad Presidents. God’s perfect will has been done through all of them. I believe mainly because of the murdering of 60 to 70 million babies through abortions committed since 1973; God is passing a judgment on America. Of course, other things are causing this judgment, mainly because collectively, we have turned away from the ‘founding illumination’ of this country and other blessings. Perhaps this judgment is America’s time window to decide whether we are going to go full global or keep our national identity. There are bad actors and nations including the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, the North Koreans, and others (as of yet unrevealed), that are forming the global future. Going back to 9 /11, I can see that America’s hedge of protection coming from God was lifted, followed by the economic downturn of 2007- 2008, furthered by the Covid Virus of 2019 debacle and deception, and now the Presidency of Joe Biden. Throughout America’s history, we are used to dealing with the “enemy without”, now we have to deal with the “enemy within”, namely our elected officials who are currently helping destroy our Constitution in favor of AMERICAN MARXISM. Our anguish as Americans can be somewhat relieved in that, we have to understand that all of the current events involving our government and social chaos are prophesied. The new world order and globalism are coming whether we like it or not. America’s participation in the magnitude of our global leanings has yet to be determined. There is one thing we can learn from history that is most definite. In the Roman Empire, the enemy was found to be within, and then God’s permissive / perfect will allowed their enemies to destroy them. I see a parallel in America even as I speak. The Tribulation is coming. Written in it’s entirety by Frankie The Earthman.

Joe, the leader of AMERICA LAST.

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