THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO WRITTEN BY MARX AND ENGELS, written about 1848; was never observed or enforced by the Communist Party. It might have been made partially available to the ruling class, but it certainly was not given to the working class, say in the fashion or enforcement like our American Constitution used to be.

In my humble opinion, the Manifesto must have been at least partially fashioned after our American Constitution. It reads very nice and fluffy and pretends to give somewhat of a balance between the ruling and working class, but again it was never enforced.

To be quite Frank with my reading audience, the United States “at this point” would be better off with an enforced Communist Manifesto than a beat-up abused Constitution. Before you think that’s an UNAMERICAN idea, perhaps you should read the Communist Manifesto first. I am a full-blooded American in all ways. Don’t make some kind of weirdo traitor out of me. The world knows how the radical Dems will twist anything, and constantly lie about everything to hold their ( though God allowed) demonic reign. ( Remember God uses America’s enemies whether inside or out, to judge a stiff neck unrepentant, rebellious Nation, where dead Christianity resides in many corners .

IE: Joe Biden, Kawamba Harris, Nancy ‘Pelostme’ Chuck ‘Schimmer’, Hillary ‘Dillary’ Clinton, ‘Old Money bags ‘George Soros’ and many othersnow and previously in the Congress and Senate. Frankie The Earthman.

The Cottage, a short walk to the entrance to the Appalachian Trail, Chester Gap, Va.

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