The moronic elite actually believes that just because we can’t afford gasoline, food, walls around our low-income housing, etc, that we can run out and buy an electric car. How are electric batteries made? Uh … Uhm … sneeze, fart, burp … clear throat, Oh, batteries requires the burning of fossil fuels. Piece out Billy ( pizza commercial)

Whether the Tree Hugging, bleeding heart liberals, the save the whales but kill the human babies gang, the dumb ass, self-serving Al Gore loving imbeciles, the manipulating politicized, weaponized, government ruined Department of Education systems in America, many other Dem radicals, the “I believe Michelle ( Michael) Obama would make a great President idiots, the ‘Ellen Degenerate’ freaks, the VIEW watching reprobates, ‘believe it or not’ , THE CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA is a hoax, a push towards total control of the masses, or just another way to control people through regulations, and if businesses don’t pay up, the government will fine the daylights out of you.”

Note: The refinement of crude oil in countries other than the United States has been proven to be dirtier than the refinement processes in the United States, Biden’s thugs want American oil production to virtually stop in this country and America to be dependent on foreign oil. Sounds unfriendly and destructive to America, what’s new?

Note: The earth and the universe are ‘God only knows how old.’ Just as God has placed an order in the universe and the calculations to keep the earth spinning revolving / around the sun; I’m sure He didn’t forget how to account for whatever climate change would occur over the lifespan of the earth. ie: God could calculate the distance that the sun needed to be from the earth, the functioning purpose of the moon, the design of the four seasons, and many other things that would take too long to mention;

but He forgot about calculating Climate Change over the ages. Are you with me sweethearts, do you follow? WAKE UP! FRANKIE THE EARTHMAN, VISIT for more education/discussion and plain discernment deep study revealed truth.

Intelligent design means intelligent designer, no matter how you hem, haw, parse, make excuses, or just flat out deny, cone to wisdom, she waits for you and me.

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