The reality of Joe Biden’s student loan Bail out.

Joe Biden and the Democrats under the guise of helping students come out of the Covid 19 debacle, when the real goal is controlling the masses.

So what is the government’s message? … You’s don’t have to work for money, we will give it to you if you’re in trouble … then we have all of these businesses that can’t find employees, I wonder why Joe?

What Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing is buying votes, it’s plain and simple. Also, this bail-out will add to the cost of tuition in the future, and add to inflation, blah, blah, blah … The Democrats have unified control, while Republicans walk around with their thumbs in their asses, playing switch. Frankie The Earthman.

Hangman, hangman, wait a little while, I think I’ll see my friend’s coming, riding many a mile, did you get some silver, did you bring some gold, what did you get me my dear friend to keep me from the gallows pole? …. I couldn’t get any silver, I couldn’t get any gold, you know that we’re too damn poor to keep you from the gallows pole … Zeppelin.

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