Robinhood, as the story goes, stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Joe Biden as the story develops takes from the poor and gives to the rich via his student loan cancelations. This latest financial blunder by the Biden administration is an attempt to redistribute the wealth either low to high or high to low. Anyway, you sniff it, it smells like American Marxism.

A lot of these major universities are big donors to the Democratic Party.. This student debt cancelation only promotes raising tuitions in the universities. Well in case you didn’t know the universities are already filthy rich.

Other issues: I am 67 years old and this is definitely not the America that I grew up in. Everything has been going sideways in our government and culture since the early 2000’s, but it began way before that, which I will not get into right now. Switching gears below.

For example: How does one get ahead today in the elite workforce? Well if you look at Mr. Deblazio, ex-mayor of New York City, who went out of the office with an under 40% approval rate; this somehow is attractive to a University such as Harvard. Now understand this, whatever Diblasio’s title will be I’m here to tell you what it will translate to. He will be the leader in the game of politics and “indoctrination of students to American Marxism; all under the guise of his wonderful experience as mayor of New York.

Second example: Liz Cheney, who died and made her anything? … she is all but worthless. She lost her Senate seat and somehow that qualifies her to run and potentially be president of the United States. This is all based on her sickness and her hatred of Donald Trump. Who cares what “we the people want” it’s what Liz Chaney wants. She is as worthless as tits on a bore hog. God forbid t Liz from even being hired to clean the toilets in the White House. Frankie The Earthman.


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