In celebrating my 1800th post on Wordpress, I want to introduce you to an ancient text. That text is called THE SEPHER YETZIRAH.

This ancient text is a new area of study for me. It is a Kabalistic teaching. It is associated with the Zohar, and The Book of Splendor.

This new area of study represents a change of course in my seeking after deeper knowledge. My writing took a change around November of 2017. Coming up this November of 2022, ( 5 years of consistent writing) my journey is presented in some 1200 entries on WordPress in my blog … Frankie The Earthman is my alias.

If I can begin and complete the daunting task of turning my blog into Word documents which I would then be able to present in book form, I would present either 9 volumes of 200 pages each, or perhaps 6 volumes of 300 pages each. In either or other lengths, this would be my life’s work.

Now my 1800th post: As I mentioned this is introductory material and I hope you will follow up on it, as it is very fascinating.

THE SEPHER YETZIRAH: AN EXCERPT: Every element has its source from a higher form; all things have their common origin from the Word (logos) The Holy Spirit. So God is at once in the highest sense, both the matter and the form of the universe. Yet He is not only that form for nothing can or does exist outside of Himself. His substance is the foundation of all and all things bear his imprint and are symbolic of His intelligence.

Something amazing is discovered: Every alphabet known to exist has mysterious numbers linked to the letters it represents. The elements of human DNA hold a message. Study when letters are replaced with the periodic table. Here is what was translated: GOD ETERNAL WITHIN THE BODY.

Reference: The Sepher Yetzirah translated by Wm. Wynn Westcott. Please pursue if you are so inclined. Frankie The Earthman.

The Cottage, near the Chester Gap entrance to the Appalachian Trail, just outside Front Royal, Va.

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