Here’s the deal folks! Having listened to the media and all concerned including the FBI, the DOJ, etc. here are my conclusions, up to this point anyway.

Essentially the Democrat party is scared to death of Donald Trump and his potential run in 2024 for the White House. They realize that this raid does not necessarily have to involve being truthful about why they raided or what they found. They also know that they don’t have to be forthcoming, all they have to do is perpetuate a lie and smack the bee’s nest to create chaos, ( to rattle & harass Trump) then go to the next lie. They know that the media is going to stir up the public and get everybody going, ( ratings) with the Dems ultimate goal of gaining votes in the midterm elections and then again in 2024. The Mar- A – Lago raid was all smoke, whistles, lights, and theater. Lights, camera, action! “Come on everybody look busy.” Frankie The Earthman.

Biden’s accomplishments: Kindling for a fire.

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