It’s sickening, demonic, indicative of what some 50% of our population voted for and accepts, talk about reprobates and degenerate de-evolution, complete Godlessness.

Referring to sick ass Joe Biden’s comments that “The Republican Party is a threat to our democracy.” Are we aware that whatever the Democrat party claims the conservative right is doing that is wrong and negative; is actually what the ‘Dem’ rats are doing? It’s about as demonic as it comes, out and out lying and deception, Satanic. I will be perfectly happy when God opens up a can of serious “divine whoop ass” on the Democrat party and opens the eyes of their supporters. Yes, I’m speaking up, making a stand, and doing what the ‘pussies’ in the Republican party will never do. Frankie The Earthman.

America’s enemy #1, hands down, a terrorist, he learned from Barry Sotero.

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