Season 1– Episode #1 — Starring Fox Mildew & Don’ya Skullme

Mildew: Skullme, do you know what’s really going on when Joey B. stammers, stutters, gets all confused and can’t put a full sentence together?

Mildew: Also, did you read in the Washington Post this past Sunday, that those close to Joe B. say he doesn’t bleed red.

Skullme: I haven’t really thought that much about it, I just think he is old and senile and doesn’t really care, because somebody else is writing his speeches and he has a teleprompter. Technically, the way this administration is set ( deep state really runs things) up, it’s not really Joe’s presidency. I don’t think this Presidency is a W file.

Mildew: The Post reports that they have a reliable source who says: The entourage stopped to get ice cream one day, and Joe had to go into the bathroom so the agent had to go with him. The agent said he looked over into the urinal because the sound of the pee hitting the porcelain convenience didn’t sound right; and that there was a peculiar smell. He noticed that Joe had a two headed penis, and no balls. ( The reason the agent noticed that Joe had no balls was that Joe was standing at the urinal with his pants all the way down around his ankles, no underwear.)

Skullme: Midew, are you suggesting that Joe B. is a hybrid or a full blown alien? .. You know Fox, this was the day after Halloween wasn’t it? Maybe the logical explanation is that Joe forgot to take off his Halloween costume which included his two-headed penis.

The W file music begins to play, signifying the end of this episode but — TO BE CONTINUED. FRANKIE THE EARTHMAN.

Joe, the Hybrid?

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