Evil Joe, what are you planning now? will you blame Donald Trump for your new “Programmable Digital Currencies”, that you hope to unleash on the world, already being tested and implemented?

Investigate these terms ASAP.

Projects Lithium and Hamilton

MIT developing currencies to replace the dollar, the digital dollar project.

Electronic Currency And Hardware Act.

Biden Order # 14027.

American Surveillance Army Coming.

Digital dollar coming in 2023- 2024?

China already has in place — “How to control a population. ” Isn’t it becoming clearer and clearer, Joe Biden’s association with China … him and his son’s massive money-making schemes; at the expense of the American way of life? … Imagine the evil intent of Satanic Joe, calling Trump and his MAGA supporters semi-fascist, when he ( and the deep state controllers) are conducting the fascist train.

The Coming Storm: Apparently, worth at least a look into, is Jim Rickards’s “Asset Emancipation System”, to supposedly beat the coming ‘Biden Buck’ paper dollar elimination coming.

IE: Part of the plan: Eliminate cash — put in place negative interest rates.

I am still investigating the legitimacy of Mr. Jim Rickards, ( Asset Emancipation System) seems legitimate as he has an impressive resume. Now, if I can discern the intent of his heart. What are the current signs, indicators, and the likelihood of our democracy being controlled and eliminated in the way described above? Frankie The Earthman.

Most everything in this current worsening financial, social, and political system is tied up and twisted, just like Joe Biden, a flowering monster of apocalyptic consequences. Frankie

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