Let’s touch briefly on a number of issues.

With Biden, H.Clinton, the DOJ, FBI, AND TOO MANY AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS TO MENTION… JUSTICE IS NOT THE ISSUE. A PERMANENT BUREAUCRACY IS THE GOAL. The establishment looks after its own, and no one is ever prosecuted, protecting the ruling class while punishing the working class.

Goals Of The Dems: Indite Trump in a D.C. court … where there would be no interest in law, procedure, or precedent. After all the FBI did go through Melania Trump’s wardrobe in a perverted effort to somehow find hidden documents in her underwear or something stupid like that.

Attorney General Garland is a “sorry excuse for a responsible human being”, who should be blindfolded, handcuffed, and sent out of town on a horse. ( Metaphorically speaking of course)

This raid, about documents, REALLY? … I believe it was about finding information on the January 6th which hunt, and anything to incriminate Trump.

The left has been in a full blown effort waging war against Trump, because they are scared to death of his MAGA agenda, And would likely be re elected in 2024.

Zuckerberg was asked by the FBI to quash the Hunter Biden story, as it was Russian disinformation … My thought is that just because he was asked didn’t mean he had to do it; there was more pressure on him than he is letting on. Moving on …

The president of the United States has absolute authority in declassification.

Think of THIS: Biden does not want to control our Southern borders, but he certainly wants to control us Americans in every aspect of our lives.

China dominates the production of renewable energy products, ie: Solar Panels, etc. Could this be part of the reason that Joe Biden doesn’t want America to be energy independent because he has sold out to the Chinese and he, his son, and his family are receiving another big payday? All for now, Frankie The Earthman.

Amazing what can be seen on the Appalachian Trail, Va.

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