God to Joe: Joe why did you pull out of Afghanistan, are you aware now that pulling out of Afghanistan led to Putin attacking the Ukraine? You were perceived as a weak uncaring leader, did you learn nothing from my faithful servants Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump?

Joe to God: “COME ON MAN, I mean God, Hey God, Do you have ice cream cones up here? Come on God, you know it was Donald Trump’s fault.

God: You know Joe, I’m sick of hearing that, and I’m sick of you. Who do you think you’re talking to? So Joe, why did you not protect America’s Southern Borders? Why did you call what was an obvious bill to address climate change an “inflation reduction act.?”

Joe: Come on man! Donald Trump was a bad President.

God: Why did you and Barack Obama loose the spirit of lawlessness on America? Why did you do nothing about the crime in virtually every city in United States during your administration?

Joe: Donald Trump was a threat to Democracy.

God: Why did you weaponize the Department of Justice and the FBI, among other institutions? Well I know the answer to that Joe, it was because you could not win an election straight up and based on the “will of the American people”, you had to twist and turn and pervert everything.

Joe: , I like chocolate ice cream, come on God, lighten up!

God: Why did you dip into America’s supply of emergency oil and then go to the Saudis to produce more oil? Why did you want to establish an “America last deal with the Iranians?” Is it because they hate Israel and want to push them into the sea? Why would you equip a nation that hates Israel & the U.S. with nuclear capabilities? Why would you know – tow to a nation that says “Death to America?”

Joe: Hey God, where’s my harp and clouds?

God: Where did Hunter Biden learn to be such a “wild donkey of a man?” He was spending a boatload of money on Russian prostitutes and drugs. Instead of caring about your son, you gave him the easy way out; by using your name and position and giving him sweet deals with the Russians and the Chinese.

Joe: Hey God, did I ever tell you the one about ” Old Corn Pop?

God: Depart from me, I never knew you. Frankie The Earthman.

Perspective is everything.

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