What is the essential need of human beings? Why is it talked about so little? Is it because we are so distant from what happened in the garden of Eden? ( Monentarily I will return to this need.)

How did we grow so far, distant and cold to our creator? According to Adam and the Bible, God used to walk with us in the cool of the day. What happened to that relationship?

We as humans were never designed to die physically or spiritually. Unfortunately, there was something more at play in the garden waiting for Adam-and-Eve. There had already been a rebellion and Satan had been kicked out of heaven for not being happy with his position as number two. After the creation of Adam and Eve God gave rules concerning what they could and couldn’t do in the garden. God had intended for the entire earth to be like Eden, but it was not to be, because we couldn’t pass the original test.

Since Adam-and-Eve were seduced by Satan, all was lost. God already had a plan of redemption but it would come much later. So we were made to never die, but at the moment of our disobedience, spiritual death came upon Adam-and-Eve and every human ever to be born; because God saw us ‘positionally’ in Adam-and-Eve. Physical death would follow.

The big thing that we humans are missing is unconditional love. Unconditional love changes everything. Perhaps if human beings were aware that God loves them no matter what, they would be more likely to turn to him. I think we feel condemned and without hope. However, this is not true. Satan does everything he can to keep us from the truth and unconditional love. Hell was made for Satan, not for humans, yet Satan wants to take as many of us as he can with him. Satan hates God and hates his creation. This battle between good and evil has been going on since the beginning, continues till now, and will culminate soon. Frankie The Earthman.

The cool of the day.

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