Again, how much power will be given to the schools? … how much power will be taken away from parents? How much is known about activities in our schools and how much is hidden and done in secret?

The following is a true story: A young boy of high school age is having gender dysphoria. He is being coached by a circle of teachers who sympathize with his gender conflict. To his family and home life he has not revealed or given any indication of his dysphoria. He is living a double life and becoming very dysfunctional. The teachers ‘in no way’ have contacted the parents and let them know of their support and coaching of thier son. No permission asked.

Then one day, the boy tries to hang himself in the bathroom. His effort fails. Then of course the parents are notified of the suicide attempt. Then the questions began, and the revelation of the teacher’s activities with the son is made to the parents. Turns out the teacher’s explanation for not telling the parents of their activities was because they didn’t think they would support their son because they were Christians… Bingo there’s the problem, there’s the real conflict going on in our society beyond the problem of gender dysphoria. Would the school have offered support had the child been having trouble choosing a religious belief system, and God forbid leaning towards being a Christian? … The obvious answer to me is “hell no” they would not have. I believe they would have helped him with virtually any other spiritual issue or ‘religious system of belief’ other than Christianity. This is the corruption and interference of our school systems while our wonderful Biden administration promotes chaos… Our Attorney General Garland attacking any parents that have the boldness to stand up and fight the system in our schools. How far will we go? … how low will we go with things as they are? … Our freedoms are in jeopardy, and the future of this country is in jeopardy. Indoctrination is everywhere to Socialism, Communism, or any radical ideology contrary to long-accepted American traditions. Frankie The Earthman.

Keep right on riding Joe, right over the horizon, you hideous sub-human monster.

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