We’ll, I would’nt call it an ‘art’ necessarily, in the case of the Biden administration, I would call it out and out deception. For instance, when Karine J. P. (Whitehouse’s mouthpiece) was asked a question about the recession, she replied that it wasn’t a recession, it was a ‘cooling off’ period. Her lying or deceptions are an invitation for her to be “name called” by those who might not otherwise use the democrat’s perfection of racist name-calling, as you will see.

Listen To White House press secretary Karine Jeane – Pierre’s warping of the English language. Some on the ‘right’ are using the so-called art of redefining words in defining her, such as “Dark Chocolate Jungle Bunny” and “Yard Ape” or “Porch Monkey”… & “Joes Little Nig” Anyway some choose to describe her, she/it is a sorry excuse for a human being, she is a liar. She is a liar, lying for a liar, Joe Biden the liar.

OTHER ONGOING LIES OR COMPLETE Biden NEGLECT OF: THE open southern borders… rampant crime everywhere… George Soros bought and paid for judges, and street gangs. California: The ongoing rebellious nightmare in too many ways to mention. Congress and Joe created inflation, then passed bills that have nothing to do with inflation reduction. Climate change fanaticism. Catering to LGBTQ+, but hating Christians, and calling it ” Saving Americas Soul.” Calling MAGA Republicans semi-fascist. Talking about Trump as if he’s a plague, and the worst enemy of America, when in fact, he will go down as one of the best, most successful presidents ever. Here’s why Trump is hated, he is not a politician. He refused to be a good old boy in the Washington DC ‘bought and paid for ‘good old boys club.’ Written by Frankie The Earthman.

“Mafia” Joe, alias “Sniffy.” He claims to have never seen a butt he would’nt sniff and grope. Try “Saving your own soul, Joe.”

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